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Chris Hoy's "There's Still Hope"

created for Elephant Parade America

This inspirational work of art could be a great donation to a children's hospital lobby


ArtMoose interview with world renown wildlife artist Chris Hoy, who painted "There's Still Hope" This inspiring artwork is one of the inaugural elephants in Elephant Parade America.


Mike Spits co-founder of Elephant Parade talks with ArtMoose's show host Roshelle Baier. Mike Spits shares how the idea of Elephant Parade began. Also talks about Dana Yager helping to bring Elephant Parade to America.

Article & Images by Christina Bush

The Resorts of Dana Point, CA including the Ritz Carlton, St. Regis, Laguna Cliffs Resort & Spa and Doubletree Suites have united for a global and noble cause to help save the Asian elephants. The four resorts are hosting the legendary U.S. debut of the internationally celebrated Elephant Parade® wildlife conservation event from August 23rd - November 17, 2013 in the lovely seaside destination. This event is the world’s only open-air exhibit supporting Asian elephant conservation and is one that, for two months, will showcase around Dana Point a herd of 40 life size baby elephant sculptures which are hand painted by world-famous artists, acclaimed designers and iconic celebrities. In an effort to raise funds for The Asian Elephant Foundation, the elephants will be up for auction on November 17th at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort and Spa and donations will go to the charity. Dana Point, CA, is the first of eight U.S. cities that will be hosting The Elephant Parade®. So far, since inception in 2006, this organization has raised over $6 million around the world to help save this vanishing species.


World Famous artist Chris Hoy spends nearly three weeks in the ArtMoose studio painting one of the elephants to join the Elephant Parade.

In 2006 the commitment to preserve Asian elephants began with a very special baby elephant named Mosha, who lost her leg after walking onto a land mine near Chiang Mai, Thailand. Founder, Marc Spits from The Netherlands met Mosha and was inspired in his heart to help her in any way possible. He recruited his son Mike and together they created The Elephant Parade® as a charitable enterprise to bring talented people together to raise donations for a noble cause and to help this little Mosha to recover. A year later, the first exhibition was held in Rotterdam, Netherlands to raise money to help Mosha. Soon after, she became the world’s first pachyderm to be fitted with a prosthetic limb. Since 2007 she has outgrown several limbs and will continue to do so as she ages. While she keeps having to be fitted for limb replacement, she is doing exceptionally well. Fortunately, because of this groundbreaking medical event, another victim of a landmine named Motola received her new leg in 2009 and so have several other elephants since that time. Mosha, also known as “the miracle elephant”, is the Ambassador for the Elephant Parade®.


Though both the African and Asian elephants are in dire need of help, The Elephant Parade® has chosen to focus on the helping Endangered elephants across Asia from becoming extinct. Asian Elephants are listed as Endangered on the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) Red List and their numbers have declined over 90% in the past 100 years. There remain around 35,000 individuals in the countries of Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Only about 1,500 of those elephants reside in the wild. Their population is quickly declining and without assistance they will soon face ultimate extinction. The Asian Elephant Foundation was created in 2011 by The Elephant Parade in order to distribute funds generated through the art of exhibition sales to charitable causes for Asian elephants. Their mission is to monitor and protect habitats, make sure that all captive elephants stay in good shape and health, and raise awareness to motivate the public to get involved with the conservation and well-being of the Asian elephant species. The Elephant Parade® donates 20% of its net group profits to the Asian Elephant Foundation, as well as all net proceeds from the auctions of each full-size baby elephant statue at the end of each exhibition.