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Artists have inspired the world with their magnificent works since the beginning of time, Rarely receiving notoriety until well after their passing. And they seldom receive a fair payment for their talent.

For today's artist it is even tougher. You are responsible for marketing, printing, stretching of canvas, framing, order fulfillment, trade shows, customer service and sadly the demeaning task of collecting money.

And after all that you may still go unnoticed.

What about telling your story now, let the world know about you, your artwork and make a connection with art lovers that appreciate your work. And let us eliminate those business tasks that you dread.

Here at ArtMoose we want to help you. We want to free you from those painstaking tasks and give you the time to create and be the artist that you want to be. Unencumbered by the complicated and expensive realities of business and advertising.

We believe if you wanted to be a businessperson that is who you would have become, fortunately you followed your passion and became an artist.

That is why we created ArtMoose.