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Ron McWhorter & Roshelle Baier

Ron McWhorter was born in raised in a small farm community in central Illinois. He attended college to study architectural design but had the itch to fly. So in 1971 he joined the Air Force where he spent the next 24 years traveling the world, allowing him to enjoy art from every continent. From local primitive art to some of the finest art museums in the world. After retiring he opened a small frame shop in Southern California specializing in the needs of artists from beginners to professionals. Ron spent the last 10 years mentoring and assisting artists in venues ranging from Art Expo, Surtex, the Licensing Epxo and the Magic show advancing their careers. He also runs the non-profit, Art-A-Fair Foundation, working to put art supplies into schools, supporting Art Masters and runs hands-on art programs for children. One of Ron's pet projects is "Memories in the Making" an Alzheimer's Association project, using art as tool for communication with those suffering from Alzheimer's. He advises to several boards for major art shows in Southern California, including the Art-A-Fair Festival and the Chalk Festival. His passion for antique advertising art, leading him to write several price guides as well as assisting collectors in evaluating their private collections.

Ron is excited to be part of the ArtMoose team and looks forward to bringing you the very best artists from around the world.


Roshelle Baier grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. She found a great appreciation for the arts at a very young age. As a child she was involved in theater, dance,painting and anything you could do to express yourself. She found that her gifting was more as a performer than a painter and continued that passion out to LA where she found work on commercials, print ads, independent and feature films. In 2007, she took her talents to New York City and expanded into hosting and stand-up comedy.

Now back in Los Angeles, Roshelle continues to do what she loves and is super excited to bring the art world into lives of people at home!