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Selling Giclees

ArtMoose will offer for sale reproductions of your artwork in sizes and on materials as designated by you "the artist". ArtMoose will provide the artist with a base cost of goods and agree upon the retail price of the printed piece. The artist and ArtMoose will share in the difference between the established cost of goods and the sales price.

ArtMoose is responsible for the cost of advertising and marketing your work. Simply stated, when ArtMoose sells your artwork, we pay you for that completed sale. The details will be provided to the artist and their agents once ArtMoose accepts them as an artist on ArtMoose.

ArtMoose reproduces your artwork using the finest materials available to reproduce your artwork on canvas, fine art paper, as well as, a variety of materials including metals, woods and acrylics. Our pricing is significantly below standard printer rates, however we understand that some artist may initially feel more comfortable using printers in their local area. ArtMoose is happy to work with these printers and use their pricing to establish the "cost of goods" sighted above. ArtMoose will pay your printer directly on the agreed upon price. However because of quality control issues and our continued effort to provide our customers with timely fulfillment, your printer must follow a few simple but important rules:

The brand of materials (ie: canvas, paper, inks) and the equipment that your printer uses to reproduce your artwork must be submitted to ArtMoose for our approval. Your printer must agree to the terms and conditions to become a supplier to ArtMoose.