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Artists have inspired the world with their magnificent works since the beginning of time. And rarely received the notoriety until well after their passing and even then have gone unnoticed. ArtMoose introduces artists and their artwork to millions of people via television. Viewers get to meet the artists and develop an appreciation, while making a connection with them and their artwork. Our cameras and crew are diligently traveling across the country shooting artists at major art events, dedications and galleries to enable us to produce this in depth series and make connections with art lovers. ArtMoose is sharing the artist's story, introducing them and their artwork to the world.

ArtMoose is committed to the success of this program by making a significant investment into television so the world can meet these talented artists and purchase their artwork from the comfort of their home. Here at ArtMoose we want to help artists by creating a venue that invites millions of people to view their work. Giving artists the time and ability to create and be true to their craft, unencumbered by the complicated and expensive realities of business.

We know artists are not salesmen and we believe if they wanted to be a salesman that is who they would have become, but fortunately they followed their passion and became an artist.

That is why we created ArtMoose.

During the show viewers can purchase artwork on fine art paper and have it matted and framed behind glass or stretched on canvas and framed.